Just a little video about Imperfect Faces 2!

Hello !

I just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and creative 2016!

About Imperfect Girls 2 :

Just a week ago i lauched Imperfect Girls 2 and i am so very excited about it and so are my students.
You can still enter the give-away to win a free spot until Dec 27th.
I’ve created a little video to give you an impression of this class..



Video blog about my favorite Art Supplies !

Hi lovely You,

Today i want to share a video blog post with you. In one of my FB groups, the international one, i did get the questions if i could make a blog post about my most favorite Art Supplies. I decided that it would be better if i make a video about it so that i can explane trough camera what i use, how i use it and why i use it. The video is good but i did have a really bad hair day, loll. I must say that i liked it a lot to make a video blog post. Every time i make a blog post it is difficult for me because i need to check my Englisch spelling muliple times if it is ok what i write..  not that the talking is perfect but is simply easier for me. Let me know what you think of it and if you like video blog post.. If you have any questions for me, or if you want me to make a video about any  topic art related please let me know in the comments..Take a cup of coffe or tea and have fun 🙂 .

Have Fun!

3/4 Portrait , Practice !

Hi lovely Art Friends,

I’ve been away for a while, was very busy with a personal family situation and then my husband and i had 2 weeks vacation.
Today is the first day that everything is back to normal again and the first thing i did today is to set-up my camera for a YT video.

For a long time I sat upstairs in my little studio. I never felt so good there, very quiet and often away from everything and everypone. I have 2 dogs and a cat and i find it very cosy to be around them in the living room. Than one day my husband bought a antique large desk and i immediately had the plan to move all my Art stuf downstairs  to make Art in the living room 🙂 .

In my Art Studio i had my camera hanging on the ceiling but in my living room not yet. I first wanted to try out if i could find a way to film with my very old tripod and this is the first video.. I’m not satisfied yet but hopefully i will find the right way for me and my videos and workshop..

Let me know what you think of it!


My very special B-Day presents!


Hello  lovely you!

I love to share something wondeful.. My very special Art friends from the Dutch fb group did make me such beautyful Birthday present.. they did manage to keep it a secret for a couple of month haha and i can’t believe what they did make for me..

I like to share this with you because i’m so proud of them!

Thanks a lot ladies!


New YouTube video all about Art Journal Play

Hi sweeties,

Yesterday i did make a YT video and i filmed me playing in my Art Journal. It’s bin a while since i did a video. I struggle with a big creative block and it seems like this keeps going on for ever.. It makes me very sad so i decided to go and play in my art journal for a while hoping that i overcome this block. I love playing in my art journal and it was my first creative love haha. I hope you like the video and let me know what you  think of it 🙂