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I am so excited to announce hat i’ve created Imperfect Girls 2 and it is Give-Away time!


Hi beautyfull You

I am so excited to announce hat i’ve created Imperfect Girls 2!

I’m really excited about this class!
It’s full with a lot of techniques
and very Mixed Media!

 First we create a beautiful Mixed Media messy background and we will play a lot, I mean really a lot !!

Then I show you step by step how to create a front facing portrait, we’ll shade it together with a lot of different supplies and techniques. The background is going to be awesome, we will layer a lot and make a pretty hot messy background !!

 Classroom now open !!

Of course i will be giving away one free spot in Imperfect Girls 2 ! 

To enter the give-away please comment below and tell me why you would like to win a free spot.  I appreciate if you share it on Social Media 🙂 . The winner of the free spot in Imperfect Grils 2 will be announced on Sunday, December 27th.
Good luck!


Scroll down to read more about
 Imperfect Girls 2 !***

All of this for only € 30
 You will learn ( portrait )
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing portrait step by step
  • paint and shade a front-facing portrait
  • work with oil pastels ( the cheep ones )
  • learn how to work with unusual colors to shade her face.
 You will learn ( Mixed Media background )
  • how to use a variety of art supplies
  • how to let go of any expectations about the outcome of your painting
  • how to have fun creating a stunning background
  • how to layer your background
  • how to play with a lot of colors


    About You and Your Art 
  • that Imperfect Art is Art too
  • that you are OK
  • to let go of any expectations about the outcome
  • it is ok to let go and play
  • This course is for beginners to advanced Artist
  What is included

  • 3.5 hour of detailed video life spoken devided into 6 lessons
  • in-depth PDF with step by step photos
  • supply list
  • all materials are downloadable and yours to keep
  • no time limit: access course at any time & work at your own pace
  • access to Facebook group to share work & get feedback
You will love this workshop if:
  • you love painting faces or only started learning face painting, and would like to create an artwork with a lot of different techniques.
  • you love to make beautyfull backgrounds
  • new at drawing faces
  • You would like to overcome some fears  to painting faces
  • you would like to draw and paint without expecting an outcome
  • you want to let go of fears and perfectionism

About me

I’m a Mixed Media Artist and i live in The Netherlands.

My biggest passion is to create beautyful imperfect Art and girls with lovely messy playfull backgrounds.
My second biggest passion and dream is to learn the world how to create these lovely girls.


 What You’re Buying

  •  Almost 4 hours, divided into six lessons, detailed video in real time
  • PDF with supplies list
  • PDF with step by step with a step by step tutorial
  • Course is downloadable
  • Instant access after payment ( click on the link you get from PayPal ).
  • Lifetime access course at any time
  • Acces to the  Art Facebook Hangout for students only

Of course i will be giving away one free spot in Imperfect Girls 2 ! 

To enter the give-away please comment below and tell me why you would like to win a free spot.  I appreciate if you share it on Social Media 🙂 . The winner of the free space in
Imperfect Girls 2
will be announced on Sunday, December 27th.

*If you have purchased Imperfect Girls 2 and you are the winner of the free spot, you will be refunded or you can donate the class to a friend.

To Buy this class, click the “buy now” button below .

The class cost  € 30

– If you don’t have a creditcard or a PayPal account please contact me on misspetrasart@gmail.com
Once your payment is done you get an email with the link to my blog. There you can find further information and your password.


Self Love- Art Journal Page

Hello lovelies, The last few months I’ve been so busy with setting up my blog, courses, website, shop, facebook groups etc. Setting up my blog / site has been very difficult because I have absolutely no technical experience with web design, blogs, online shops, etc. My perfectionism and self-criticism were constantly present and often I felt stupid when I didn’t get the settings the way I wanted them to be… Then yesterday i just did get so frustrated that i really, really neede to do a very long cry…. i did call a special ( art ) friend and she helped me.. she listen to me and she assured me that i did a ok job with all of it!! After talking to her i really did cry for a long time, all the frustrations and all the insecure feelings needed to come out of me… When I finished crying, I sat down at my art desk and I had a conversation with myself, I’m doing my best and that should be good enough. I am OK and i need to just accept myself, just the way i am! #Self-love #i’mok #i’mworthit I sit down and started to play with a background, just play and not thinking about the outcome of my painting in my new Dylusions Art Journal. I love love it.. The Journal is good enough for acrylics but with the watercolor paints … hmmmm i don’t think that the papers of the journal is going to hold that. Anyway, i love to work with less or no water so i did a lot of layers on this Art Journal page.. and i must say i’m in love with this page. I painted for hours until she was done! I really learned that i am OK, that i don’t need to be perfect, that it is ok to fail ! I only hope that i remember it the next time my self-criticism comes again in my head… Thanks for being here xoxo

Just a quick reminder of my new online course 🙂

Imperfect Girls Mixed Media Class

•-Do you want to work intuitive ? •-Do you want to learn how to work intuitive ? •-Do you want to learn to make “Imperfect Girls “, ART ? •-Do you want to have fun making beautyful backgrounds? •-Do you want to know how i create a “Imperfect Girl “ and Imperfect Art?? •-Do you just want to have a lot of fun creating “ somthing beautyful without stress about the outcome of the painting “? For more information about my awesome new class, click on the picture. Thanks Sign-Up for my Newsletter


My creative weekend !

My creative weekend !

Hi, I’ve been sick for over a week now but this weekend i just needed to draw and paint.. I had a little energie every few hours and so i’ve created a Imperfect Girl and had a lot of fun creating her. I did make some Work in progres foto’s i would like to share with you all ! My favorite way to start a painting is to play and try to have lots of fun making my background. I started with some collage, an old music page and some gesso. I also added some diy Gelli plate tissue papers and some color with Neoncolor ll in the background. Then the fun part.. Drips and spletters, some washi tapes and golden paints. I love to make a border around my Art and often they are black, one of my favorite colors. I knew that i wanted to paint transparent, one of my favorite techniques. In order to that i wanted a very busy background so that there is a lot to see when the girls i ready. I started drawing the girl and did shade her face with washes from acrylic paints. I just keep adding in washes so that she stays nice and transparent. I had a lot of fun making her, i really like her hair and the expresion she has on her eyes! I’ve bin really sick this last week and i must say that she gives me a lot of energie just by looking at her :-). She is one of my “Imperfect Girls “, and i like her 😉 . ____________________________________________________________________________________

Imperfect Girls Mixed Media Class

Imperfect Girls Mixed Media Class

Imperfect Girls Mixed Media Class

Would you love to learn how to make “Imperfect Girls “? Click on the image on the left to read more about this wonderful course. Hope to see you in class soon! xoxo Petra


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OO how i love busy backgrounds !

It is time to play !

Hi, I’ve bin sick for a couple of day’s now but i just wanted to play a little bit with paints and my pallet knife. First i did spray the background so that the page was not that “white”.. Loll. then i did draw the girl and i started to paint in the shadows with just 2 colors, Burned Sienna and a flesh tone and of course some white for the high lights in her face. After that i just did added some graphite and that is all that i used for her cute face. Now it is time to play with the background and i did play a lot! I used colors that are good together and my pallet knife and i just started to add some color to fill in the whole page. After that i did use my small pallet knife to add some details with color and black and white! I really love how it turned out! xoxo Petra

Yayy, I’m filming my new Online Workshop

Hello You,

This week I started filming my new online workshop, one of my “Imperfect Girls “! I really had so much fun creating  this mini Art course. In the beginning I found it difficult to start because I so wanted to do it all perfect. But then I realized that I had to make the workshop just the way I AM! I find it extremely difficult to plan my creative art process on paper because I never plan anything when I paint. I just sit down and start to paint.. I always try to have fun and not focus on the outcome of my painting. It took a while before I realized….. that’s what I want to teach you guys. So I decided to make the workshop exactly as I make my own art, not perfect but with a lot of fun! That is how i create my “Imperfect Girls “. Continue reading Yayy, I’m filming my new Online Workshop

My very special B-Day presents!


Hello  lovely you!

I love to share something wondeful.. My very special Art friends from the Dutch fb group did make me such beautyful Birthday present.. they did manage to keep it a secret for a couple of month haha and i can’t believe what they did make for me..

I like to share this with you because i’m so proud of them!

Thanks a lot ladies!


Hi Beautyful You

Good Morning,

I decided to change my WordPress site in a selfhosted site. I realized after talking with Juna Biagionni ( she did  a lot of explanations ) that the free version of WordPress is not good enough for me. I mean i can’t build in my website what i would like to build in the free version and i need to do build my website the  right way so i don’t need to rebuild it again. I really find it difficult and it takes perseverance to build it the way i like the website to be! But as i alway’s say, it all will be alright.. I can do this! There is 1 thing that i’m really sad about and that is that all of the wonderfull people that followed my blog are gone.. So please if you where one of them.. on the Home page you can sign-up to follow my blog ” again” so that you won’t miss anything of my ” New Creative Journey”  thanks a lot!

Last Friday my godchild stay overnight . she is such a great child who loves to make Art together.. and yes we did have a lit of fun! I love to watch her making Art. Little children are so intuitive and they don’t think about what they are doing, they just DO IT!

laquishaUnfortunately i forgot to make a picture about the endresult from her Art.. but it was soo great to see her making Art.. I enjoy it enormously.

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Good Morning World

During my breakfast i did do a quick sketch.. and sometimes they turn out verry beautyful. . She is not perfect at all but i like her. I’m practicing to make loose drawings.. just like Juna’s drawings. I totaly live her Art! I think i did a good job.. not as loose as i would like it to be but that’s OK.


I like her 🙂

Thanks for being here..


Hi there

Hello my lovely ART friends,

I just want to tell you all a little bit about myself and the great journey i’m in for the last 3 years. I’m a little overwelmed since i have  announced that i’m going to do online workshops..So many people that started to follow my blog and i had lots of responses via facebook, thank you all for that 🙂

I had to make a couple decisions before i could start thinking or making online art classes:Is my englisch and is it good enough to make art classes ( I really practice a lot LOLL ).. how will i present them, what to do with my website.. do i need to do it in 2 languages.. a lot of dicisions! But here i am… and i’m feeling soo proud of myself! I’m really excited about the journey i’m in right now.

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New YouTube video all about Art Journal Play

Hi sweeties,

Yesterday i did make a YT video and i filmed me playing in my Art Journal. It’s bin a while since i did a video. I struggle with a big creative block and it seems like this keeps going on for ever.. It makes me very sad so i decided to go and play in my art journal for a while hoping that i overcome this block. I love playing in my art journal and it was my first creative love haha. I hope you like the video and let me know what you  think of it 🙂