My new website is on air, Yayy

Hi beautyfull you,

This website is moving to


The last few nonth i’ve bin working really hard on a lot of things. My class for Let’s Face it was a lot of work but it was amazing what all the students created during my class! I also made my own new website : !
I’ve created a lot of paintings and participated in auctions , that is a whole new experience for me. At first i was really shy but i like it and people were actually like my art and i did sell some art , Yayy for me 🙂 .

The next project i’m working on together with Muriel is Mixed N Match !
Muriel and i are working on a brand new online live 12 weeks class especially for the beginner artist. This class is going to be great!
You can read more on my new website what this class is all about.

So what i’m trying to say is that i’m very busy, i like what i do and i’m very blessed  with all the new opportunities i get!

This website will only be here for a couple of weeks so note to all my students: Go to the new website for your classes.. Everything will be the same there in the classroom!

Take a look at my new website!


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