My love for Painting Girls

Hi beautyful you,

After being very busy with my class for Let’s Face It i really wanted to paint something for ME. I did make a couple of progress photos i would like to share with you..


imageLast week i did struggle a bit with a painting i was working on.
I started drawing to start a new painting on a lovely background  i made and out of the blue there was an Angel on my canvas. I had no idea why i did that haha. I don’t often draw or paint angels, not that i don’t like them though.

imageOk, i love Challenges so i kept on going and started with her face and i used my dry technique wich i really love, i added a lot of layers with a dry brush and dry paint , without using Any water. Love love that technique! Not ready yet with her face but i really wanted to Play with her wing who did have  lots and lots of texture from the modeling paste i used. I really added a lot of layers to her wings, watercolors, paints, inks and even shine but i didn’t like them.

I kept on layering and stil i wasn’t happy with them. I just didn’t love the colors and it felt like something was missing on those  gorgeous big wings.
At one point i did make her wings darker and it still felt if there was someting missing on her or her wings. The very colorful background wich i really liked at the beginning was holding me back to add more colors so i decited to make a bold move, i painted the background black! I love to use black in my painting and with my girls. So now the background was black and it felt a little better but still not satisfied with her wings. I started playing with her hair and added white doodles  and i did love the contrast from the black hair and the white doodles.

Now i really got stuck with her and her wings…..

Ok i really Needed to put it away for a while to look at her and to try to feel how she wanted her wings and what my next steps should be. After a couple of hours i did ad some more layers paint into her face. I start to like her more and i did make another very bold move.. I decited to paint her wings black too.. and woww i am so happy with her now. She really shines, her face is really warm and kind and her hair flows over into the background. I really learned a lot from this painting. I learned that even if i have a gorgeous background it really is OK to change the background completly if it doesn’t feel right. I learned to put away a painting if I get stuck with it. I also learned to still continue to follow my feeling when i am painting..

I like her a lot!

Ps, to purchase a print click here.



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2 thoughts on “My love for Painting Girls”

  1. Love to read about your process Petra! The black wings and the black background are very beautiful, really mysterious.

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