Imperfect Girls 2



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Hi beautyfull You

I am so excited to announce hat i’ve created Imperfect Girls 2 !

I’m really excited about this class!
It’s full with a lot of techniques
and very Mixed Media!

 First we create a beautiful Mixed Media messy background and we will play a lot, I mean really a lot !!

Then I show you step by step how to create a front facing portrait, we’ll shade it together with a lot of different supplies and techniques. The background is going to be awesome, we will layer a lot and make a pretty hot messy background !!

 Classroom now open !!

 You will learn ( portrait )
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing portrait step by step
  • paint and shade a front-facing portrait
  • work with oil pastels ( the cheep ones )
  • learn how to work with unusual colors to shade her face.
 You will learn ( Mixed Media background )
  • how to use a variety of art supplies
  • how to let go of any expectations about the outcome of your painting
  • how to have fun creating a stunning background
  • how to layer your background

    About You and Your Art 
  • that Imperfect Art is Art too
  • that you are OK
  • to let go of any expectations about the outcome
  • it is ok to let go and play
  What is included

  • 3.5 hour of detailed video life spoken devided into 6 classes
  • in-depth PDF with step by step photos
  • PDF supply list
  • no time limit: access course at any time & work at your own pace
  • access to Facebook group to share work & get feedback
You will love this workshop if:
  • you love painting faces or only started learning face painting, and would like to create an artwork with a lot of different techniques.
  • you love to make beautyfull backgrounds
  • new at drawing faces
  • You would like to overcome some fears  to painting faces
  • you would like to draw and paint without expecting an outcome
  • you want to let go of fears and perfectionism

About me

I’m a Mixed Media Artist and i live in The Netherlands.

My biggest passion is to create beautyful imperfect Art and girls with lovely messy playfull backgrounds.
My second biggest passion and dream is to learn the world how to create these lovely girls.



 What You’re Buying

  •  Almost 4 hours, divided into six lessons, detailed video in real time
  • PDF with supplies list
  • PDF with step by step tutorial
  • Instant access after payment ( click on the link you get from PayPal ).
  • Lifetime access course at any time
  • Acces to the  Art Facebook Hangout for students only
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To buy this class please visit my new website !

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