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My new website is on air, Yayy

Hi beautyfull you,

This website is moving to


The last few nonth i’ve bin working really hard on a lot of things. My class for Let’s Face it was a lot of work but it was amazing what all the students created during my class! I also made my own new website : !
I’ve created a lot of paintings and participated in auctions , that is a whole new experience for me. At first i was really shy but i like it and people were actually like my art and i did sell some art , Yayy for me 🙂 .

The next project i’m working on together with Muriel is Mixed N Match !
Muriel and i are working on a brand new online live 12 weeks class especially for the beginner artist. This class is going to be great!
You can read more on my new website what this class is all about.

So what i’m trying to say is that i’m very busy, i like what i do and i’m very blessed  with all the new opportunities i get!

This website will only be here for a couple of weeks so note to all my students: Go to the new website for your classes.. Everything will be the same there in the classroom!

Take a look at my new website!


Winner of my new class is…..


Today it is december 27th and it is Give-Away time of a free spot in

Imperfect Girls 2

I wrote down the names of all the participants of the giveaway and I pulled out one name. I have made a short video of it and put it on my fb page. For some reason I can not post it here. The winner is Annemiek van den Herik and ik will contact you via Facebook or email. I want to thank everyone who has participated in the giveaway.

If you want to purchase Imperfect Girls 2 click on this link.

Much love

Just a little video about Imperfect Faces 2!

Hello !

I just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and creative 2016!

About Imperfect Girls 2 :

Just a week ago i lauched Imperfect Girls 2 and i am so very excited about it and so are my students.
You can still enter the give-away to win a free spot until Dec 27th.
I’ve created a little video to give you an impression of this class..



I am so excited to announce hat i’ve created Imperfect Girls 2 and it is Give-Away time!


Hi beautyfull You

I am so excited to announce hat i’ve created Imperfect Girls 2!

I’m really excited about this class!
It’s full with a lot of techniques
and very Mixed Media!

 First we create a beautiful Mixed Media messy background and we will play a lot, I mean really a lot !!

Then I show you step by step how to create a front facing portrait, we’ll shade it together with a lot of different supplies and techniques. The background is going to be awesome, we will layer a lot and make a pretty hot messy background !!

 Classroom now open !!

Of course i will be giving away one free spot in Imperfect Girls 2 ! 

To enter the give-away please comment below and tell me why you would like to win a free spot.  I appreciate if you share it on Social Media 🙂 . The winner of the free spot in Imperfect Grils 2 will be announced on Sunday, December 27th.
Good luck!


Scroll down to read more about
 Imperfect Girls 2 !***

All of this for only € 30
 You will learn ( portrait )
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing portrait step by step
  • paint and shade a front-facing portrait
  • work with oil pastels ( the cheep ones )
  • learn how to work with unusual colors to shade her face.
 You will learn ( Mixed Media background )
  • how to use a variety of art supplies
  • how to let go of any expectations about the outcome of your painting
  • how to have fun creating a stunning background
  • how to layer your background
  • how to play with a lot of colors


    About You and Your Art 
  • that Imperfect Art is Art too
  • that you are OK
  • to let go of any expectations about the outcome
  • it is ok to let go and play
  • This course is for beginners to advanced Artist
  What is included

  • 3.5 hour of detailed video life spoken devided into 6 lessons
  • in-depth PDF with step by step photos
  • supply list
  • all materials are downloadable and yours to keep
  • no time limit: access course at any time & work at your own pace
  • access to Facebook group to share work & get feedback
You will love this workshop if:
  • you love painting faces or only started learning face painting, and would like to create an artwork with a lot of different techniques.
  • you love to make beautyfull backgrounds
  • new at drawing faces
  • You would like to overcome some fears  to painting faces
  • you would like to draw and paint without expecting an outcome
  • you want to let go of fears and perfectionism

About me

I’m a Mixed Media Artist and i live in The Netherlands.

My biggest passion is to create beautyful imperfect Art and girls with lovely messy playfull backgrounds.
My second biggest passion and dream is to learn the world how to create these lovely girls.


 What You’re Buying

  •  Almost 4 hours, divided into six lessons, detailed video in real time
  • PDF with supplies list
  • PDF with step by step with a step by step tutorial
  • Course is downloadable
  • Instant access after payment ( click on the link you get from PayPal ).
  • Lifetime access course at any time
  • Acces to the  Art Facebook Hangout for students only

Of course i will be giving away one free spot in Imperfect Girls 2 ! 

To enter the give-away please comment below and tell me why you would like to win a free spot.  I appreciate if you share it on Social Media 🙂 . The winner of the free space in
Imperfect Girls 2
will be announced on Sunday, December 27th.

*If you have purchased Imperfect Girls 2 and you are the winner of the free spot, you will be refunded or you can donate the class to a friend.

To Buy this class, click the “buy now” button below .

The class cost  € 30

– If you don’t have a creditcard or a PayPal account please contact me on
Once your payment is done you get an email with the link to my blog. There you can find further information and your password.

Early Bird Price Let’s Face It comes to its end

Hello beautyfull You,


Let's Face It
How are you all doing?

I did have a very busy time creating my  main class for Let’s Face It. It is going to be awesome!! Here is a sneak peak of the girl that we are going to create during my class.
My class is a 3.5 hour step by step class, drawing and painting her.
Hope to see you in class 🙂



Just a quick reminder that you can still take advantage of the early bird price of let’s Face It.
The early bird price runs until December 1st. Click here to purchase this awesome course.
To read more about the Let’s Face It course that is all about drawing and painting faces click here.

Have a lovely weekend <3


Winner of the Free spot in Let’s Face It

Let's Face It

Hello  Lovely Art Friends,

Today is the day that i did pick a winner of the Free Spot in Let’s Face It. I was very surprised that there were 94 entrees. 

I want to thank each and everyone of you who did enter the give-away and for all the sharing on the web. Anyone who did not win the free spot you can still sign-up for the early bird price until december 1th.

I did make a little video but there is someting wrong with the file and i have no idea what it is… So you guys have to believe me on my word haha…… I can’t do it over right 🙂
The winner of the Give-Away of let’s Face it is…… Angelique Becking!

Let's Face It

Let's Face It

Thank you all very much, i can’t wait to start with my class. I already did film my main class and here is a sneak peak of the girl we are going to create step by step!









New Facebook group Student Hangout

Hi lovely Art Students and Friends,

Just a short message today for all my students!

As  there are more and more students who follow a course by me and who have very spcifieke questions i decited to create a safe place for all my students.. A safe place where you can share you Art that you created during the course, you can ask all the questions you have about the course or if you getting stuck at creating, you can hangout with fellow students and where we can have a bit of fun. You can also become a member if you did follow my free Newsletter Course.. Hope to see all the students in this secret goup!

Click here to become a member.

Video blog about my favorite Art Supplies !

Hi lovely You,

Today i want to share a video blog post with you. In one of my FB groups, the international one, i did get the questions if i could make a blog post about my most favorite Art Supplies. I decided that it would be better if i make a video about it so that i can explane trough camera what i use, how i use it and why i use it. The video is good but i did have a really bad hair day, loll. I must say that i liked it a lot to make a video blog post. Every time i make a blog post it is difficult for me because i need to check my Englisch spelling muliple times if it is ok what i write..  not that the talking is perfect but is simply easier for me. Let me know what you think of it and if you like video blog post.. If you have any questions for me, or if you want me to make a video about any  topic art related please let me know in the comments..Take a cup of coffe or tea and have fun 🙂 .

Have Fun!

My love for Painting Girls

Hi beautyful you,

After being very busy with my class for Let’s Face It i really wanted to paint something for ME. I did make a couple of progress photos i would like to share with you..


imageLast week i did struggle a bit with a painting i was working on.
I started drawing to start a new painting on a lovely background  i made and out of the blue there was an Angel on my canvas. I had no idea why i did that haha. I don’t often draw or paint angels, not that i don’t like them though.

imageOk, i love Challenges so i kept on going and started with her face and i used my dry technique wich i really love, i added a lot of layers with a dry brush and dry paint , without using Any water. Love love that technique! Not ready yet with her face but i really wanted to Play with her wing who did have  lots and lots of texture from the modeling paste i used. I really added a lot of layers to her wings, watercolors, paints, inks and even shine but i didn’t like them.

I kept on layering and stil i wasn’t happy with them. I just didn’t love the colors and it felt like something was missing on those  gorgeous big wings.
At one point i did make her wings darker and it still felt if there was someting missing on her or her wings. The very colorful background wich i really liked at the beginning was holding me back to add more colors so i decited to make a bold move, i painted the background black! I love to use black in my painting and with my girls. So now the background was black and it felt a little better but still not satisfied with her wings. I started playing with her hair and added white doodles  and i did love the contrast from the black hair and the white doodles.

Now i really got stuck with her and her wings…..

Ok i really Needed to put it away for a while to look at her and to try to feel how she wanted her wings and what my next steps should be. After a couple of hours i did ad some more layers paint into her face. I start to like her more and i did make another very bold move.. I decited to paint her wings black too.. and woww i am so happy with her now. She really shines, her face is really warm and kind and her hair flows over into the background. I really learned a lot from this painting. I learned that even if i have a gorgeous background it really is OK to change the background completly if it doesn’t feel right. I learned to put away a painting if I get stuck with it. I also learned to still continue to follow my feeling when i am painting..

I like her a lot!

Ps, to purchase a print click here.



Registration Lets Face Its is open now !

Hello beautyful you,


juiste 2




And get your Special Early bird price


As you all know by now i’m a guest teacher on Let’s Face It and i’m  beyond exited about this course ! The course is hosted by the lovely Kara Bullock. There will be 17 guest teachers who are so awesome and you will learn a variety of techniques to use when you create faces such as Front – view portraits, profile portraits  and tree – quarter portraits and even how to draw body’s beautyful backgrounds and drawing classes.



I will be teaching in my own
“Imperfect Style”!
Here are some examples of the kind of work I will be teaching you.

You will leave this course feeling confident enough in your skills to never feel intimidated again!

Click here to view more details  about LET’S FACE IT.


You can read more about this course and how to register here, you will get a discount on the price! YES!!! Awesome, right!?!?
PS: this is my teacher affiliate link, if you buy through my link you support me to keep bringing you awesome Art courses,
Thank you


Let’s Face It starts January 4 , 2016
and runs for 50 weeks.
Registration starts October 15th.

Regular price is $125.
If you sign up before December 1st you can register for the early bird price of $99.

Buy Now

Thank you for being here!